Is Micro Needling Right For You?

Micro needling is a procedure which holds the usage of a roller held by hand and instilled with lots of dainty needles (which have delicate tips) on the surface of the skin. The skin roller or derma roller (to be precise) holds needles which range in length from 0.5 to 2.5 millimeters. The tiny holes crafted on the outermost layers of cells in the skin, break through the upper most sheet of skin. This act turns on the spontaneous wound healing procedure of the skin, by generating small punctures in the skin; the latter assist to generate the two vital proteins of the skin i.e. collagen and elastin.( Over and over again we come across these two proteins with reference to dermatology on account of the fact that they work in harmony to give skin its contour and flexibility. Collagen supplies firmness, while elastin permits the skin to be widened.
These proteins are also instituted at diverse distances downward in the skin. Collagen is abundant in the subordinate layers of the skin, whereas elastin is plentiful in the central layer of skin.)
The tiny prick lesions excite Collagen in the uppermost layer of the skin and smash some of the blood vessels exactly under the external surface of the skin. Due to the process of lumping of blood, the suitable situation is created for the formation of Collagen and Elastin molecules. It is these vital constituents which help inside the pores as well as the skin to revitalize it. A derma roller system is the essential part of this whole scenario because without it the set up is incomplete.

A derma roller can easily be employed on all sorts of skins (even the thin skin) and gives splendid results in the form of compact, firm and silky skin. Also there occurs an augmented rush of blood to areas of deprived repair in addition to the faded look of stretch marks, blemishes and fine lines. Moreover, there occurs an enhanced dissemination of liquids rich in proteins (serums) and moisturizers (cosmetic preparations which prevent dehydration in skin) so that their effect is compounded. Hair loss can also be tackled very tactfully by usage of derma roller system.

The process of skin needling by employing a derma roller can be replicated every six to eight weeks provided the outer layer of skin is healthy. To be honest, if the skin of an individual is healthy and wholesome, the process of Collagen and elastin creation can carry on for more or less a year after a solitary treatment.

Instructions for successful Micro needle treatment making use of a derma roller:
After rinsing out the skin, rub on your preferred skincare cream. Use just gentle stress; sway the derma roller over each section of the face up and down, then horizontally four to five times in each course. Attempt to bring the derma roller system into play; once or twice every week till the time, the skin is in proper order. Gradually accelerate its usage up to three to five times per week.


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