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The Positive Effects of Dermaroller and Hyaluronic Acid

Do you want to have beautiful skin? Then make it a daily habit to use a micro dermaroller, which is a tool that resembles a paint roller. The only difference is that the dermaroller has small needles.

Using this tool alone can improve your skin but you can make it even more powerful when it comes to fighting the effects of aging and creating a healthier-looking skin by using it along with hyaluronic acid. Learn more about the magic of this combination through this article.

Micro-needling Through a Dermaroller

The dermaroller is what you will be using for micro-needling, which refers to a process that requires you to glide the tool over your skin’s surface. This procedure results in the development of small cuts that stimulate your body to heal naturally.

When your skin gets into that state, you can expect it to release elastin and collagen, both of which can improve the look of your skin and make your fine lines, wrinkles, scars, and pores less visible. If you want better effects then use a good serum in the form of hyaluronic acid when you are undergoing the micro-needling procedure.

Hyaluronic Acid Defined

Hyaluronic acid refers to one of those substances produced by the human body naturally. It contributes a lot to hydrating your skin. The problem is once you age, your skin will also lose its ability to retain moisture more efficiently. This is the main reason why your skin becomes less plump, firm, and pliable.

With the help of this substance, you can improve the effectiveness of your dermaroller when it comes to encouraging your skin to retain water. This results in the suppleness of your skin, allowing you to look younger than your age. Note that your dermaroller works by producing small skin punctures. This results in the acid being absorbed by your skin and penetrating its deepest layers. Aside from that, it has the following positive effects:

  • Keeps your skin protected from harsh and harmful ingredients and environments
  • Prevents your skin from getting damaged due to excessive exposure to the sun
  • Absorbs moisture and retains it for as long as possible
  • Encourages your body to produce more collagen
  • Eliminates the signs of aging, like fine lines and wrinkles

With all these benefits, it is safe to say that using hyaluronic acid along with your trusted dermaroller can definitely help you fight the signs of aging and other skin problems. If possible, use a substance that has a lower molecular weight as this allows it to get into the deepest layers of your skin, thereby producing faster and better results.

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